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66 million American’s over the age of 40 are now Obese. Obesity related healthcare costs are $300bn a year in America and Canada, growing at a staggering 20% per year.

Why is this happening?

  • Physicians have very limited choices when referring moderate or high risk patients to health interventions.
  • Consumers have very few trusted places to turn to seek help.
  • Hospital systems have relied too heavily on often overly expensive surgical solutions.

OTS is an affordable healthcare platform which has shown to slow, stop and reverse the progression of chronic diseases.

Jay, Chamber member grew up here in Cedar Grove.

Jay Cardiello and Billy Pymm
312 11th Ave, Suite 21L
New York, NY 10001

T: 973-207-5228
E: cardiellofitness@gmail.com   |   billy@offthescale.com
W: www.offthescale.com