Holiday Décor 2018 Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the Winners of the Cedar Grove Chamber of Commerce's Holiday Home Decor Contest this year!

This year, we created a new category "Classic Christmas and Homemade Memories" because this home was really special. Congratulations to the winner of this new category: The Harris Family at 66 Sweetwood Drive!


Congratulations to the other winners!

Griswold Family Christmas

The Vargo Family
30 Patten Terrace
3 Years

Homemade & Reason for the Season

The LoProto Family
105 Union Street
2 years

Debatable Inflatables

The Babicz Family
108 Ridge Road


If time permits over the holidays, please visit the homes that participated in the contest and thank you to everyone who took part!

Clark Griswold's Holiday Award

20 Lawrence Way
72 Carlson Parkway
30 Patten Terrace

Homemade & Reason for the Season Award

52 Briarwood Terrace
16 Clover Court
105 Union Street
11 Garrett Street
66 Sweetwood Dr

Debatable Inflatable & Lights

108 Ridge Road
61 East Bradford Avenue
473 Fairview Avenue